Hellooooo Oreo Crumbles!

Hellooooo Oreo Crumbles!

Oreo just dropped a distinct advantage... Disintegrated Oreos! It's actually what it seems like β€” a lot of squashed up chocolate sandwich treat pieces bundled together in a one-pound pack, fit to be sprinkled on any pastry you can consider!

We comprehend what you're thinking: "wouldn't we be able to effectively simply buy some normal Oreos and squash them up ourselves?"

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Indeed, you totally can, yet why?... Since we have these promptly accessible!

Concerning finding these disintegrated jewels Oreo is as yet trusting that a date will discharge them... In any case, when they do... Milk, Ice Cream, Cereal, and anything we can consider will be prepared!

Picture Source: Oreo