Here's How To Get Free Chipotle For A Year

Chipotle's $3 "Boorito" campaign is a Tex-Mex dream come true and a long-standing Chipotle tradition.

Ever since the Mexican Grill chain began the Boorito deal, Halloween has become a secondary holiday to fans of girthy, foil-wrapped cylinders filled generously with rice, lettuce, cheese, meat and all the guac.

It's a simple and rewarding ritual: wear a costume, go to Chipotle, order your burrito, bowl, salad or tacos (not holding back on all the delicious fixin's), lay down $3 -- eat with abandon. To avoid the public humiliation of showing up to the party too early (it has happened) make sure you mark the date and time for Oct. 31 after 3 p.m.

Your costume will be interpreted and judged at the whim of Chipotle personnel, so dress to impress. If you're not into Halloween costumes, there are ways to work around that. Consider trying these easy costumes: "Jake" from State Farm (stick a nametag with "Jake" written on it), cat/dog/mouse/bunny (don any pair of fuzzy ears you can find), write "LIFE" on an old t-shirt and walk in with a sack of lemons. A cheap carnitas burrito is worth this very minimal effort.

Boorito day is popular and the lines get long quickly, but costume-gazing will keep you entertained. The most popular costume I suspect is a foil-wrapped dress with Chipotle's logo. ("Chipotle is life.")

And that's not even the best part. Chipotle's Boorito campaign also offers customers the chance at a "spine-tingling" ("gut-extending," actually) giveaway: free Chipotle burritos for a year. A killer deal (no costume necessary).

To enter the contest, you can text "BOORITO" or "SPOOKY" to 888222 by Oct. 31. The winner receives 52 Burrito Cards (worth up to $10 each), which is still technically a year's worth of burritos if you ate one every week. You can also enter free online by visiting Chipotle's official "Boorito" sweepstakes website. Just think about all the extra guac you can get!

And you'll be happy to know the burrito proceeds will go toward sustainable farming, an appropriate PR move to wipe Chipotle's reputation of E. coli scandals from years past.