Here's How To Get Free Wendy's Frosties

If you're ready to go on a major Wendy’s Frosty binge, or if you’re just looking for something to hand out at Halloween other than the typical candy, Wendy’s has got you covered.

For the remainder of the month of October, Wendy’s is selling $1 coupon books which include 5 free Jr. Frosty coupons. The idea is that you can give them out at Halloween, but a more appealing option might be to hoard them and stay in. No judgments here.

According to Brand Eating, 85 cents of each coupon book will be donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, where it will be used to help further the goal of helping foster kids find their forever homes. Pulls at the heart strings, doesn’t it? What better time to think about the kids than right around trick-or-treat season?

According to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, over 100,000 children are currently waiting to be adopted. The website reports that this foundation is “America’s only national nonprofit charity dedicated solely to finding permanent homes for the more than 100,000 children in foster care.”

So, can you think of a better reason to buy a booklet of coupons? I can’t. Actually, I might buy quite a few…To help the kids, of course. Not because I want a bunch of free Frosties.