Here's How To Win Free Pizza Hut For Life! (Video)

If you were any good at that counting game contest, where you have to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, then you, my friend, have a chance at winning free Pizza Hut for life.

Pizza Hut is launching their brand new Hut Rewards loyalty program with a world-record number of dominoes display. And the challenge? Guess how many dominoes fell over in the Hut Rewards promotion video below.

I've replayed this video several times and did some poking around on Google, to finally come up with my guess: 382,818. You are totally free to run with my answer, but if you win, let's share the prize! Foodbeast did the winning calculations: with 312,000 rewards points, that amounts to "a pizza every other week for the next 60 years." All right, so it's not exactly pizza for life. But, 1,560 pizzas does add up; by then, you probably would have shortened your lifespan significantly.

As for the dominoes display, over the course of two full days it took a team of 13 "master domino artists" to build this record-breaking feat! The construction is pretty complex and uses more than just dominoes. The display itself combines Pizza Hut boxes and flying pepperoni and mushroom in a Rube Goldberg fashion (a cheesy panache) that culminates to an epic finale: a giant sign that reads, "No One Out Pizzas The Hut." After this spectacle, it'll be hard to topple that (unless, of course, Pizza Hut's competitor, Dominoes, decides to break a world record for the greatest amount of huts toppled.)

Make a guess quick because the contest has already started and will end August 31, 2017 or when the first person correctly guesses the number of dominoes toppled over.

The Hut Rewards contest is open to any U.S. resident 13 years or older. Submit guesses to To be eligible, all entrants must be Hut Rewards members. For more details and restrictions, visit