Hero Wife Sends Husband Popeyes Via Capsule Pipeline (Video)

What is better than a bouquet of flowers delivered to your office? Or a surprise candy gram basket of chocolates to greet you after lunch break? For some, the simple act of picking up a chicken wrap for your lunch will suffice as a romantic gesture. Colleen Loria did the latter, picking up a Popeyes chicken wrap, her husband's favorite, then dropping it off at his place of work, a bank.

Being that it's winter, Loria did not want to expose herself to the blistering cold or her husband's rapidly cooling sandwich. So, she did the sensible thing. She drove up to the bank's Pneumatic tube, and poof! -- off went her husband's fried chicken lunch in a cylindrical vacuum through dips and bends of the bank's unseen pipeline, video below. She must serve as the "brains" of the duo.

Popeyes spotted Loria's romantic gesture, billing it prize-worthy. "It's official: Colleen Loria has won 2018," the fried chicken restaurant posted to Facebook on Jan. 4. "When your husband works at a bank and wants you to bring him Popeyes Chicken wraps….. but it's too cold to get out of the car," read Loria's post, followed by a clever hashtag "#tubereats".

As someone who regularly order from GrubHub and UberEats, I could very much get behind "TuberEats," a drive-thru restaurant that uses elaborate pipelines to serve food in charming transport tubes. While banks keep their tube system behind cement and concrete,"TuberEats" would shuttle food orders through a colorful network of tubes for all to see. (Think hamster cage tunnels, without the critters, or spiral gumball machines).

Loria's sweet gesture went viral and with Valentine's Day just weeks away.

For some, a candle-lit dinner falls short for finicky beaus who require a little more elbow grease in acts of affection on Valentine's Day. Sometimes that means a single order of eight dozen red roses to show your unwavering affection. Or maybe it's not elbow grease she longs for. In 2017, a promotion by KFC Canada offered the chance to send your loved one a KFC ChickenGram for Valentine's Day -- a heart-shaped box of greasy chicken with KFC's Original Recipe written on the lid. Dreamt up in a feverish dream, this V-day gram was sure to enrapture the object of your affection.

Valentine's Day is but several weeks away, so you have time to devise a dinner plan, but it's never too late to pick up lunch for your significant other.