Heroic Man Rides The Bus With Massive Frosting Tub (Photo)

Did anybody else have a comfort item they kept with them when they were a child?

My niece has one -- it's her baby blanket. She's almost five now, but she carries that thing around with her everywhere.

I mean, who am I to judge her. I'm a full-grown adult and I wouldn't mind having a blanket on me at any given moment (although I admit it would act as an enabler for me to sleep during important working hours -- but I digress).

As it happens, sometimes adults do appear to have comfort items too. Take this Canadian man, for example, who was seen carrying around a giant tub of Cinnabon Frosting on public transportation.

I think he's our new international treasure.

That's right: The internet is absolutely exploding over the photo series of this incredible man who was seen transporting a massive 30-gallon barrel of Cinnabon frosting on the bus.

"I will follow him to the ends of the earth," one Twitter user wrote in response to the photo.

"Keep your friends close, and your frosting closer," wrote another.

Of course, plenty of people, myself included, are wondering whether the tub of Cinnabon frosting actually contains what it says it does (and if that's the case, I certainly hope it's literally all going to be eaten by this strange miraculous man, perhaps for dinner).

"Tfw you're prepping for a very delicious apocalypse," one twitter user joked.

But if it doesn't actually contain delicious, sugary frosting, then what could possibly be inside?

I don't know, but I'm content for it to remain a mystery, as long as I get to continue staring at the glory that is this man.