Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Ice Cream Are Here -- Which Will You Try?

If you want to get involved in the presidential election, you can donate to or phonebank for your favorite candidate, argue with family members, or put up lawn signs guaranteed to anger at least one of your neighbors.

You can also buy ice cream.

A lot of people struggle to watch the debates without playing a drinking game and getting smashed, and we totally get that. But now, you can add politically-charged ice cream to your arsenal, thanks to Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn.

Take a look:

It's pretty obvious whom the ice cream makers are going to be voting for, with two flavors called "Madam President" and "Make America Orange Again," but we have to admit, both flavors look completely delicious. We can't disagree with Ample Hills that "all voters can get behind" those artisan ice cream flavors, regardless of political leanings.

The Donald Trump-inspired flavor, made with artificially-colored orange marshmallow ice cream, complete with brownie bricks you could build a wall out of, comes with a warning that it "may contain bluster, hot air and bricks."

Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton flavor is "made with sugar and spice and women's rights" and features Hillary's original recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chili pepper (because, you know, that one time she told a radio station that she carries hot sauce in her purse) and chocolate.

The Clinton flavor is "both powerful and comforting," the description says.

If you're interested in giving this ice cream a try, you can either head over to any of the creamery's New York City locations between now and Election Day, or you can order it on the Ample Hills website, where you can buy a Scoop The Vote 4-pack for $40, which will give you two pints of each flavor and three "scoop the vote" campaign buttons.

Oh, and proceeds from either flavor go to Michelle Obama's organization Let Girls Learn.