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Hong Kong's Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Bus Is So Swanky! (Photos)

These days, kooky and unique food services are a dime a dozen. Sure, you always have the option to stop into a grocery store or corner deli and buy a normal, staple food item, like a piece of sourdough bread or some slices of cheese for a toastie.

However, you also probably aren't too far away from a restaurant that offers extravagant food challenges, or interesting rainbow-colored menu items, or special dining experiences that elevate your mealtime into a truly epic event.

For instance, did you know that there exists a bus in Hong Kong that actually allows diners to take in the sights of the city while dining on Michelin-grade dim sum?

That's right -- I'm not talking about your average bus-fare, whatever that would be. I'm talking about high-quality, super gourmet food that you get to snack on while riding the "Crystal Bus," which is itself quite luxurious. The bus is decorated with $300,00 Hong Kong dollars worth of crystals, as well as a TV, video game consoles (for the crazy passengers who aren't too busy stuffing their faces and drinking in the sights of the city to play a few games) as well as a stereo system.

For $50, passengers are invited to climb aboard and sample seven different dim sum dishes prepared by local Michelin-starred restaurants, according to Shanghaiist.

The bus can only hold 47 passengers, and operates on two separate 2.5-hour daytime tour schedules.

If you snag a ticket, you'll get the chance to fill up on delicious foods while cruising around 20 Hong Kong attractions, like the New Territories, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Additionally, if you're willing to splurge even more, the Crystal Bus also offers private five-hour nighttime tours, which cost $8,800 Hong Kong dollars on weekdays, and a whopping $12,800 Hong Kong dollars for a choose-your-own-itinerary deal.

Holy moly! Does it sound worth it to you?