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Hostess Is Giving Us New Ding Dongs And Ho Hos! (Photos)

Hostess has gifted us with two new flavors of desserts, but do we really deserve them?

The snack cake giant has debuted White Fudge Ding Dongs and Peanut Butter Ho Hos, and they should be coming to a store near you soon!

The new Ding Dongs feature golden cake filled with classic creme -- like in their original variety -- and coated with white chocolate. The Ho Hos have chocolate cake rolled around creamy peanut butter filling, according to Brand Eating.

creamy peanut butter filling

The two new desserts aren't exactly brand new -- shoppers have glimpsed them in a few select stores since the beginning of 2017. But they are officially coming out in wide release as of late September, so if you haven't seen them yet, they're sure to pop up in the snack aisle soon.

corn cupcakes

The two flavors are sure to appeal to both white chocolate and peanut butter lovers out there, and let's hope they taste a little better than the seasonal candy corn cupcakes, which haven't exactly gotten the hottest reviews.

According to Food and Wine, various people have tasted the frosted, creme-filled yellow cakes modeled after the polarizing candy, and most say that they taste nothing like the orange and yellow waxy snacks (which typically are supposed to taste of vanilla, fondant and marshmallow).

Food reviewer Junk Banter described the candy corn cupcakes as "lies, lies, lies," and Snack Gator, another food blog, didn't take too well to them either, notes Food and Wine.

"As I ate [the candy corn cupcake], I tried really hard to detect candy corn," Snack Gator wrote. "I even closed my eyes, put my pinkies out and slowly swirled it around my mouth. None of that helped. I decided maybe I needed to try just the [cream] in the middle. That must be where the candy corn flavors burst out! [But], it just tasted like the classic vanilla."

Maybe it's because when we take a long, hard, honest look at candy corn, we realize the truth: it doesn't really taste like anything anyway.

On the bright side, those who don't much care for candy corn might enjoy them.