Hot Cheetos Ice Cream Now Part Of A Growing Trend (Photos)

Refinery29 calls it "a never-before-seen ice cream creation." Food and Wine declares it's only the beginning of a growing trend. Maxim has deemed it, rather hyperbolically, a "Great Flamin' Hot Cheetos Renaissance."

Such is the shock-and-awe of 2018's latest culinary spins spun around the "Hot as Hell" food trend: The Flamin' Hot Cheetos Ice Cream.

The recipe is the brainchild of Steve Kim and Eugene Inose, founders of the new Orange County, California, ice cream shop called Drill'd, who, while brainstorming ways to attract customers into the store, decided to jump on board the same preposterous food trend that inspired 2017's viral "Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey." Thus, the Hot Cheetos ice cream is born.

Drill'd's signature "Hot as Hell" ice cream flavor, a Hot Cheetos infusion to your choice of ice cream base, is just one way to confuse your taste buds. It's a vanilla ice cream and crushed Hot Cheetos mixture blended using auger machines, which the duo calls the "mix masters." The mix masters crush toppings like Oreos and Froot Loops directly into the ice cream base such that the final mixture looks unassuming. For example, the "Hot as Hell," before the addition of Cheetos, could be easily mistaken for a strawberry ice cream.

Take a bite and you'll quickly realize what you're really eating is a Flamin' Hot Cheetos ice cream topped with the dust of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, garnished with, you guessed it, actual Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Food and Wine asserted Cheetos' ability to improve upon just about any food with some added spice, crunchy texture, and a splash of color. Yes, we've seen better food upgrades that were not inspired by middle-school lunches. But if nostalgia gets the best of your taste buds, then join the mass of Instagrammers who also chase after their junior high cravings in any way available.

Sushi, bagels, and grilled cheese have all been taken over by the powdery dust of Flamin' Hots. However, the worst of the casualties go to El Paisano's Hot Cheeto Burrito and The Donut Conspiracy's Hot Cheeto Donuts.

Hot Cheeto burrito ????????#foodporn #bombfood #latenightmunchies #elpaisono

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Which goes to show you that with any growing food trend, the phrase "just because you can, doesn't mean you should," should be considered and obeyed like table manners.