Hot Pockets are Taking Breakfast to the Next Level

Hot Pockets are Taking Breakfast to the Next Level

There are few meals as ingenious as the Hot Pocket. It’s a tasty little handheld combination of a calzone and a sandwich packed with all the good things - cheese, meat, sauce… it’s quite hard to beat! Add all the deliciousness on top of the fact that you just pop one of those little babies in the microwave for a few minutes and it comes out in steamy perfection, and you’ve truly got it made.

There are tons of classic flavors, like pepperoni (of course), Ham and Cheddar, and Chicken Bacon Cheddar Cheese, and many, many more.  A fact that should not be overlooked is that Hot Pockets also has your favorite breakfast sandwiches. That’s right, these are flaky croissant crusts packed with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese or Ham, Egg, and Cheese.

Hot Pockets is taking it a step further though. Just when we thought these couldn’t possibly get any better, they are going to take these delicious breakfast Hot Pockets and wrap them up in a pancake crust. Pancake crust.

This is really going to take breakfast to the next level! Hot Pockets is always coming out with creative new ideas and have definitely been hitting home runs this year with their other new products such as the Big and Bold varieties of Hot Pockets, which are essentially just really big Hot Pockets.

All your favorite flavors, just 50% bigger. I wonder if the next to come out is the Big and Bold breakfast Pancake Hot Pockets? We can only hope.

Image source: Diply