How to Jazz Up Mediocre Meals

How to Jazz Up Mediocre Meals


Ramen This isn’t limited to college evenings, you can round up this sodium-fueled dish to a solid four star meal in no time. Toss an egg into the mix, vegetables, protein, herbs, spices and watch ramen become a classy dish.  

Kraft Mac and Cheese

Kraft Mac and Cheese When buying Kraft Mac and Cheese, always buy the shapes. The little crevices in the noodle will hold onto the sauce which creates bursts of cheese in each bite. Toss in bacon bits, grated cheese, spices, chopped hotdog, broccoli, bread crumbs, chopped tomatoes or all of the above (if you’re really feeling wild).  

Frozen Pizza

Frozen Pizza Frozen pizzas are already incredible in their natural state, but take it to the next level - make it a gourmet pizza. Sprinkle extra cheese, butter the crust, sprinkle garlic, add fresh veggies, protein - the opportunities are limitless.  

Frozen Dinners

Frozen Dinners Outside of adding fresh flavors to your desired frozen meal, a key aspect is taking the meal out of the plastic carton once it is cooked. Trust us, this little step is monumentous. It takes on the principle that if it looks good, it will taste good. Presentation is truly everything. The moral of this article is to understand premade items are simply a template for your culinary creativity. Adding a dash of fresh ingredients rounds the flavors up immensely to your formly mediocre meal.   Source