How To Make Real Life Bob's Burgers (Video)

Someone decided to take the amazing punny burger from "Bob's Burgers" and make into into real, juicy food. It's even more amazing than it sounds (videos below).

If you love the goofy cartoon as much as we do -- and even if you don't -- there's a good chance that the real-life renditions of food from the show will leave you drooling. Take a look at these video recipes:

1. Sit And Spinach

Sauteed spinach and a tangy burger patty with gobs of cheese dripping down. Yes please!

2. Pickle My Funny Bone

Fried pickles make everything better...

3. Do The Brussel

How can you go wrong with bacon, pistachios and Brussels sprouts piled atop a thick meaty patty?

4. Cheeses Is Born

A dollop of warm gravy gives this Jarlsberg and mushroom burger a really special, unique flavor.

5. I’ve Created A Muenster

It's scary how good this burger is, with sauteed mushrooms and cheese on cheese on cheese... we'll take it!