How To Make The Most Delicious Cake Ever: In A Microwave! (Video)

We get it. Everyone and their dog have made microwave mug cakes. They are easy, fast, and look good on Instagram.

Unfortunately, however, while traditional microwave mug cakes are delicious, they all seem to share the same problem. Every mug cake we have ever made, be it chocolate, cherry, or cheesecake, has turned out dry and cracked.

Before finding this video (below), we had all but given up on mug cakes. After all, there just seems to be something about cooking in a microwave that results in dryer, less decadent desserts.

Luckily, just when we had abandoned all hope, we came across this amazing clip. The video demonstrates how to make molten chocolate lava cake in a microwave: representing the culmination of all of our hopes and dreams.

Hear us out: Molten chocolate lava cake is not only one of the most delicious cakes in existence, but it is also characterized by the contrast between its light, crisp outside and its gooey, decadent inside. In other words, molten chocolate lava cakes were practically designed to be made in a microwave!

Say goodbye to having to choose between making a long, complicated dessert or suffering through a dry, sub-par mug cake. From now on, the answer is clear (and chocolatey).

Even better, the video demonstrates how to make three varieties of molten chocolate lava cakes, meaning that you’ll never get tired of eating the same thing for dessert every night (although we never get sick of chocolate).

Watch the video below to learn how to make traditional, white chocolate, and peanut butter molten mug cakes, and then run immediately to your closest microwave! We promise that you will want to make molten chocolate mug cakes for every dessert from here on out!