How To Make Your Own Marble Mirror Cake (Video)

Remember the gorgeous marble mirror cakes that took the Internet by storm a few weeks ago? Well, thanks to an amazing new video (below), you can now make them for yourself, no Instagram-envy required!

Marble mirror cakes are gorgeous, shiny cakes decorated with a swirled, mirror-like glaze. Even better, it turns out that the secret lies with one of our all-time favorite foods: white chocolate.

While the video is long, the process itself is fairly simple—perfect for a weekend baking project or a special occasion. Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family if you were to serve such a show stopping, gorgeous creation at your next function or dinner party!

Personally, we can’t wait to try out the technique for ourselves. Bake your most delicious cake recipe, and then get to decorating—we promise that the results (and the number of Instagram “likes” you receive) will not disappoint!