How To Order Starbucks' Secret Pumpkin Frappuccino!

After a much anticipated countdown to pumpkin season, spurred by an actual pumpkin spice latte tracker, it can be officially ruled that pumpkin season has arrived.

So until next year, there's no escaping the ubiquitous Instagram post of a pumpkin-flavored such-and-such.

True to its reputation, Starbucks is way ahead of the sweater-weather game with its hasty rollout of pumpkin-spiced lattes that already hit stores (a little over two weeks early for fall, but OK). Not everyone is ready for the fast-approaching fall season. Some of us need time before digging out plaid button-ups and brown boots.

If you're looking at another way to enjoy pumpkin season that doesn't involve a hot beverage, I welcome you to try the colder and much, much sweeter version of the beloved PSL (pumpkin spice latte): the Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino. Many fans have already christened it as "a dessert in a cup." (And they're not that far off the mark.)

This pumpkin dessert frapp is one of several that go unnoticed in Starbucks' Secret Menu. That's because it's not an official menu item, so if you want to try this dessert-in-a-cup, you've got to know what's in it. Note: This is an aggressively sweet frapp and lives up to its name; it contains enough sugar to make your sweet teeth throb!

Ask your barista for a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino base with one pump of Cinnamon Dolce syrup, one scoop of vanilla bean powder and another scoop of white mocha syrup. If you're ordering a grande, ask for two pumps of each syrup and two scoops of powder. And if you're taking the plunge in the form of a venti, ask for three pumps and three scoops.

According to Secret Starbucks, it tastes better than it looks!

A less sweet alternative uses a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base with two pumps of pumpkin syrup, which was recommended by Delish.

And here's a pro-tip: If you don't want to be caught ordering a complicated drink to a tired and overwhelmed Starbucks barista, with a growing line under-caffeinated customers, check out the Starbucks mobile-ordering app to skip the line entirely.