How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen this Spring

How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen this Spring

Spring cleaning has arrived, and this is an equally exciting yet dreadful time (depending on how much hoarding was accomplished during the winter months).


First things first, set up the atmosphere for a good time by playing music. Our recommendation? The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go. Seems pretty fitting, right?  

Expiration Dates

These handy little prints are very beneficial when sorting through the pantry. You may be surprised to see what is no longer (for lack of a better term) edible. As rough as it is to throw food out, it’s much more rough to eat something that is way past its due date.  

Donate Pile

Maybe you come across some cups or maybe its a pile of canned items that no longer seem tasty, keep the option open to donating to those who may want to use/eat it.  

Cleaning Supplies

Soap, degreasing spray, vacuum, glass cleaner, microfiber cloths, rubber gloves, mop… and any other cleaning supplies to set you up for success. If possible, snag some supplies with your favorite scent for aromatherapy.  

Make It a Family Event

Does the idea of cleaning the whole kitchen already driving you insane? No biggie, recruit the whole family. Assign everyone a task and watch them go to town. Although cleaning doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy, reward everyone with a dinner on the town or take-out.   Sources: Images: