I Don't Think I Can Ever Eat A Salad Again': Woman Finds Unfortunate Surprise In Her Food (Photo)

A California woman says she may never eat salad again after she claims she found a dead frog inside a bag of organic spinach. 

The spinach, packaged by Taylor Farms, was supposed to be “triple washed & ready to enjoy,” according to its packaging, KNBC News reports. 

“So no dirt, but frogs,” joked Donna Souza, of Covina, when she spoke with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about her odd discovery.

“I’m just really disgusted,” she told the paper. “I don’t think I can ever eat a salad again. How could they miss a dead frog?”

Souza said she purchased the spinach at a nearby Sam’s Club.

Kari Valdes, the director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Salinas-based Taylor Farms sent Souza a letter of apology the day after the frog was discovered. 

“I would like to personally extend my deepest apology for any inconvenience this may have caused,” Valdes wrote, according to KNBC.

Valdes added that Taylor Farms employees perform visual inspections on produce as it is picked and that products then pass through a series of so-called vibration tables and a dual-laser sorter designed to spot and sort out foreign objects. 

“On the day this product was processed, this particular line had one laser that was not properly functioning,” Valdes explained in the letter, according the Tribune. “It is possible that while the product passed the laser the frog was covered behind a piece of spinach not allowing sight of the laser to the frog.”

Sam’s Club managers told the Tribune that they had had no other complaints of frogs showing up in Taylor Farms spinach. 

Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said the agency will not be investigating the incident unless many more frogs are reported or people fall ill. 

“A frog in one salad container probably is not on our radar,” he told the Tribune, adding that it is not uncommon to occasionally find bugs or animals in food containers.