If You Love Spice, KFC's New Sandwich Is For You

Spice lovers, listen up!

In an apparent bid to leverage the Fast Food spicy-chicken-sandwich playing field (both McDonald's and Burger King offer a version of the sandwich on their menus), KFC is finally debuting its own spicy sandwich, and it sounds fire.

The sandwich is making its grand appearance on April 24 at all KFC locations, and is being dubbed the Zinger Sandwich. For 14 weeks, you can get your hands on the item, and decide for yourself if it truly has anything on McDonald's Hot 'n Spicy McChicken, or Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich.

Hey, KFC is a chicken chain, so hopes should be high for this one, and not just because they specialize in the bird. While fried chicken sandwiches are pretty ubiquitous at many fast food restaurants, Kevin Hochman, KFC's president, tells Business Insider that what really sets apart KFC is that it fries its chicken in store, rather than receiving it from a central factory where the chickens are frozen, and then refried at store.

"You can come to KFC and get a hand-breaded Zinger and a $5 fill up -- that is just unbelievable value and a vastly superior sandwich," said Hochman. "Compared to a factory breaded sandwich, it will always be crunchier, more flavorful, more juicy."

The Zinger itself features a chicken breast fillet, and is prepared simply with some mayo and lettuce on top of a toasted bun. The sparse amount of condiments and toppings are probably meant to allow the in-store fried and spicy chicken breast to truly shine.

"We're going all out to establish ourselves as a sandwich player," Hochman told Business Insider. "It's easier said than done. We're late to the party -- that's why we're throwing in the kitchen sink."

It seems Hochman's confidence doesn't come without some backup, however, as Business Insider reports that according to Hochman, KFC actually put $80 million toward ensuring that the speed of service and back of house organization to sell the Zinger Sandwich would be working at optimal levels.

What do you think? Are you excited to try the new spicy chicken offering at KFC? Or will you stick with your tried-and-true favorites?