If You Prefer Cider To Beer, Then We've Got Some Great News For You (Video)

Over the past few years, Americans have fallen head over heels for craft beer. The trend has become so popular that some customers are even attempting to brew their own beer for the ultimate small-batch experience.

Unfortunately, however, as many of us know, the process of brewing your own beer is both complicated and, unsurprisingly, beer-centric.

That’s where Alchema comes in. Funded through Kickstarter, the new machine allows customers to make their own hard cider, mead, and wine, all in the comfort of their own homes (video below).

Even better? The Alchema utilizes all of the latest technology to ensure that the process is as safe and easy as “making a pot of coffee.” According to Eater, the device includes an app, scale, fermentation monitor and special UV light to ensure that the right ingredients are added at the right time and in the right amounts, and that no unwanted bacteria contaminate the beverage.

If you’re intrigued by the concept, you’re not alone. The Alchema has already generated over $53,000 from 195 backers. Considering the fact that the device’s makers hope to make $80,000 by September 9, we have a feeling that they will reach their goal.

Anyone who has ever attempted to make their own wine or beer knows how complicated it can become. In a statement, Alchema’s CEO stated, "Almost two million Americans have attempted to home-brew, but it usually turns out disappointing in terms of flavor or complexity to use. We want to make home-brewing easy and fun for everyone to create and share over and over."

Personally, we’re more than sold on the Alchema. Donations on the device’s Kickstarter page start as low as $5, but you will have to give at least $299 in order to get your hands on an actual machine.

Check out the video below, and then get to pledging! We're sure that the resulting cider, mead, and fun will be more than worth it!