IHOP's Holiday Menu Looks Incredibly Delicious

From dark chocolate peppermint pancakes to roasted turkey and bacon mashed potatoes, IHOP's new holiday menu is guaranteed to be satisfying even to the pickiest eater!

According to FSR magazine, the new holiday menu runs from Nov. 14 until the end of the holiday season. This Holiday Celebrations menu covers all the basic staples and more. First, start your day with IHOP's new dark chocolate peppermint pancakes. Actually, end your day with them as well. They’d be great for dessert.

These rich chocolate pancakes are drizzled with decadent dark chocolate, covered in peppermint and white chocolate chips and topped off with whipped cream -- the perfect finishing touch.

If you're not feeling chocolate, the eggnog pancakes might be calling your name instead. These include a swirl of eggnog cream, nutmeg and cinnamon layered between fluffy buttermilk pancakes, which are topped off with butter rum sauce, cinnamon sugar and … you guessed it, whipped cream.

Then again, if you’re still craving your pumpkin spice fix, you can go for the pumpkin spice pancakes that are still available for the rest of the season.

We Got Food Covered reports that for dinner, IHOP is introducing a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. That means carved turkey, topped with turkey gravy on a bed of stuffing, accompanied by a side of iHop’s new bacon mashed potatoes, broccoli and cranberry sauce.

Finally, when you’re looking for a sweet treat in drink form, you can try one (or both) of IHOP's new seasonal hot chocolate creations. There’s the frosted mint and the toasted marshmallow, both festive in their own way!

The frosted mint hot chocolate is exactly what you’d think -- rich chocolate flavored with mint syrup and finished with a dollop of whipped cream (that never gets old!). The toasted marshmallow hot chocolate is flavored with marshmallow syrup and also topped with whipped cream.

"The holidays are the perfect time to sit down and enjoy the fun of friends and families, sharing moments together over special foods and treats," says Kirk Thompson, senior vice president of marketing for IHOP. I couldn’t agree more!