Ina Garten's Secrets To A Perfect Cheese Plate (Video)

Ina Garten, best-selling cookbook author, joined Seth Meyers on Late Night to create a cheese plate for the studio audience (video below).

As all good things, the preparation of a cheese plate begins with a nice refreshing cocktail. This particular cocktail was straight from her new cookbook, and is called the aperol spritz. It consists of two-thirds prosecco, a “splash” of aperol -- which is equal to a couple of tablespoons -- and a splash of Pellegrino, or some other brand of bubbly water. As they say in the video, they weren’t actually allowed to mention the brand. Whoops! And finally, a couple of orange slices for a tasty wine-inspired cocktail.

As Delish reports, Ina Garten is promoting her new cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, based on recipes she cooks for her lucky husband. This is where the cheese plate preparation comes from. The first step is to make spiced pecans. In a bowl, she has Meyers whisk the egg white of one egg, while she adds brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, salt and pepper, and even a little chili powder to give them some heat!

After tossing the pecans around in this mixture, they are to be spread onto a baking dish and baked until ready to eat. Next, Garten and Meyers arranged fig leaves (but Garten did mention lemon or hydrangea leaves could be used instead) on a platter. Grapes are placed in the middle, along with an assortment of cheese around the circular platter. She uses brie, blue cheese, truffle pecorino and brillat savarin varieties.

To top off the platter, Garten and Meyers placed fresh figs in between the cheeses, along with apricots, Garten’s homemade fig jam and, of course, crackers. I’m not sure where the spiced pecans fit in here, but I bet they are great all on their own.

Finally, Meyers concludes that Garten’s recurring theme is that her recipes aren’t overly fancy or complicated. “I hate fancy food,” Garten answers, then joking that foams remind her of spit. Yuck.

Check out the rest of what’s in the video by watching it here!