Ina Garten's Weekly Meal Plan Is Envy Inducing

I want to be Ina Garten.

While I seem to always be able to find time to peruse Pinterest, flagging delicious-looking recipes at my leisure, somehow I never seem to be able to actually get into the kitchen and whip up a wholesome meal for myself.

For the last week, for example, I've pretty much been subsisting on frozen vegetables and peanut butter and Ritz crackers -- I'd argue with you that it's delicious, but I'm not winning any health awards, here.

Enter Ina Garten, chef extraordinaire, who recently shared her week of groceries and meals with Bon Appetit, and girlfriend is giving me major food inspo.

Seriously -- she eats like a queen.

On Thursday, she chowed down on a quart of Shrimp and Swordfish Curry with white Basmati rice from local shop Loaves & Fishes, which already sounds more hearty than anything that's passed my lips in the past week. Then, she picked up some lemon sorbet and shortbread cookies, because she's Ina Garten, and can do whatever the hell she wants.

Friday saw Ina casually cooking some skillet lemon chicken and roasted broccolini, as well as a dank sounding vanilla rum panna cotta. Honestly, any dessert that features an alcoholic component is a home-run to me. Because she's a veritable boss, she followed that all up with some whiskey sours.

Alternatives to this day include roasted butternut squash with butter and brown sugar, asparagus with Parmesan, sweet potatoes, or broccoli with garlic and pine nuts. 

Am I the only one who is realizing I need to eat a wider variety of different foods? I want all of these flavors in my mouth, like, yesterday.

On Sunday, Ina "followed her nose," which apparently pointed her in the direction of soup, Grey Goose vodka, vanilla ice cream and granola for dessert. I'm down for whatever Ina's sniffing.

What does your typical weekday meal plan look like? Are you inspired to try out any of Ina Garten's suggestions after reading this list? You can discover more of them if you buy her new book, "Cooking for Jeffrey."