Indulge Your Inner Vampire With 6 Blood Red Cocktails (Recipe)

Indulge Your Inner Vampire With 6 Blood Red Cocktails (Recipe)

Ready for all those fun Halloween parties? 

If you're throwing your own shindig and planning to serve the standard booze and soda, verily I say unto thee: don't you dare!

Actually, I can't stop you from doing whatever you want, but just know that there's a better way: get into the Halloween spirit, don your best cape and plastic fangs, and put down those run-of-the-mill whiskey cokes in favor of something a little … bloodier.

1. Blood Red Rum Punch

Blood Red Rum Punch

Of course, you could keep it simple and just call this one Red Rum if you prefer. Either way, it's hard to deny that this sparkling pomegranate, cherry and spiced rum concoction is positively scrumptious, especially with the optional low-cal grenadine.

2. Blood-Red Sangria ​
Blood-Red Sangria ​

The cinnamon stick brings a perfectly autumnal flavor to this sangria. If you prefer, you can leave it out for a more conventional flavor (like this one) or even heat things up by making mulled wine instead

3. Bloody Black Currant Punch

Brandy and blackcurrant, you say? A match made in heaven! If you can't find blackcurrant nectar, blueberry nectar (or just thick, sweet juice) will still do the job.

4. Dracula's Blood

Dracula's Blood

This creepy cocktail has a spoooky name, but it's really just a sparkling margarita with the earthy addition of beet juice, which you're welcome to swap out for food coloring. Or, for a sweeter take, use dark fruit juice like blood orange and/or pomegranate. If you go the fruit juice route, you might want to dial back on the agave.

5. Negroni


How can you not love the classic, perfectly balanced, bittersweet gin cocktail! Feel free to use whiskey (rye, typically) instead for a boulevardier, or go the whiskey (rye or bourbon works, though Yours Truly prefers rye) and vermouth route for a similarly colored Manhattan (add a couple extra dashes of bitters for a darker, bloodier color if you wish).

6. Halloween Bloody Mary

Halloween Bloody Mary

With a black sugar rim and a plastic spider in your glass, this thick red drink doesn't get any more festive -- except, perhaps, with a drop or two of red food coloring just to make things even bloodier!