IntelligentX: The Beer Of The Future (Video)

Have you ever tried a beer that would have been perfect were it not for that one thing? Could you imagine if your feedback about that one thing actually changed the way it were brewed in future batches?

Using artificial intelligence, London-based firm IntelligentX is strongly encouraging customer feedback in order to brew fresher, tastier batches of beer (video below).

"We're using A.I. to give our brewer superhuman skills, enabling them to test and receive feedback on our beer more quickly than ever before," explained Hew Leith, co-founder of IntelligentX, as reported by CNET.

After trying one of the company’s beers, which come “in exclusive ‘pirate black’ bottles and [are] available in extremely limited editions for those that know how to find it,” customers use a Facebook chat bot to provide their input about what they did and did not like about the flavor.

“A.I. is about making decisions, and when you’re brewing beer, there’s a lot of decisions that need to be made,” said Dr. Rob McInerney, Co-founder of IntelligentX.

The data provided will then be used in an algorithm called Automated Brewing Intelligence, or A.B.I., in order to change the next batch. The A.I. will determine when a change is successful through reinforcement learning and bayesian decision making.

“Once our beers are out into the world, our A.I., A.B.I., can have a conversation with all our customers,” McInerney explained. "That gives us the feedback that allows our beers to evolve."

“People’s tastes are changing faster than ever before," Leith said. "As a result, A.I. is the perfect way to respond."

The company hopes to win a major beer competition by strengthening the recipes.

"We’re putting expert human brewers and all our customers in the same room,” said McInerney. “This leads to creativity structured by data that allows us to evolve our beer generation after generation.”

"We’ve had an incredible response to our A.I. beer prototypes, and now we’re ready to get the final product out into the world," Leith said.

IntelligentX beers are available in four varieties, including Amber AI, Black AI, Golden AI, and Pale AI.