Internet Spots Creepy Detail On Caramel M&M's Packaging (Photos)

Internet Spots Creepy Detail On Caramel M&M's Packaging (Photos)

There is an upside and downside to M&M's iconic anthropomorphic chocolate candies. The upside: color-coated personalities! Ranging from vacuous (Yellow) to charismatic (Blue) to slightly sexual (Green), this relatable primary color group plays well with consumers across all ages. If you can't relate to a talking chocolate candy, you can at least understand the love of chocolate, right?

Creepy Detail On Caramel M&M's Packaging

Mars has done considerably well marketing the super dynamic "spokescandies" as a charmingly dysfunctional chocolate team. But then we reach the downside.

Since the chocolate company launched the biggest flavor innovation in the brand's history -- Caramel M&M's -- there has been an awkward shift in group dynamics. M&M's 30-second TV spot, which aired in May 2017, shows the iconic M&M's animated characters seated in a conference room conducting interviews for the brand's next spokesperson in an ad called "Group Talk."

The newest candidate, "Caramel" -- a walking, talking caramel cube who's very nature is to be awkward and square (with a capital S) -- leaves his interviewers with a laminated resume. Black, thick-rimmed glasses and a laminated resume tells us he's awfully boring.

The ending voiceover message says, "Caramel has been square for far too long. Introducing new Caramel M&M's," followed by a gruesome squashing of poor Caramel between two chocolate shells.

Now, take a look at M&M's new caramel packaging.

Creepy Detail On Caramel M&M's Packaging

Put two and two together and you'll realize what we're really witnessing here. A brutal, cannibalistic murder by none other than our friendly Yellow and Red spokescandies, who seem perfectly content with mercilessly stretching out the gooey guts of their newest sidekick (or what was left of him). Red wasn't too crazy about Caramel, anyway.

And if that doesn't prove them guilty, check out the company's website profiling each M&M's character. The site writes that Blue's turn-offs are squares! He's culpable!

And Orange seems like he's got the right idea by never letting his guard down. The M&M's official website lists Orange's paranoia as his shortcomings: "Thinks everyone is after him (He's probably right!")

Do you see it now? Delicious packaging or heinous candy crime?