World's Most Expensive Doughnut Hybrid||Most Expensive Doughnut Hybrid||Most Expensive Doughnut Hybrid

Introducing The Luxury Zebra Cro, The World's Most Expensive Doughnut Hybrid

Alright, viral-food enthusiasts: if you're a Dum Dum, this one's for you.

The London-based Dum Dum Donutterie has created the “Luxury Zebra Cro” (so-called because of its striped layers), a variation of the popular croissant-doughnut that the Dominique Ansel Bakery is known for in New York City. Take a look:

What makes Dum Dum’s particular “CRO” (Dominique Ansel has actually trademarked the term “cronut”, forcing the London-based bakery to give its pastry a shortened moniker) special, however, is that it’s made with saffron-infused butter croissant dough, Cristal rosé champagne caviar, a gold leaf decoration, Tahitian gold vanilla beans, Normandy butter, powdered Nutella (delicious, but not necessarily luxurious), and the world’s most expensive (and rare) Amedei Porcelana chocolate.

Sound appetizing? Then you better be prepared to shell out £1500 (that’s close to $2000 for those of us stateside) for a taste.

According to the Mirror, the expensive pastry was created to celebrate the launch of the Just Eat Food Fest occurring in London from July 22-24.

As Dum Dum Donutterie founder and creator of the Luxury Zebra Cro, Paul Hurley, told the Mirror: “After months of testing flavor combinations with some of the world’s rarest and specially sourced ingredients, I’ve created the most luxurious Cro I’ve tasted!”

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not interested in eating -- or buying anything, really -- for the next month (and have a grand or two just begging to be spent), go ahead and blow your savings on this decadent Cro, available from the Just Eat website here for a limited time only.