Is Starbucks Releasing Unicorn Frappuccinos Soon (Photo)?

Are Unicorn-themed drinks and snacks the new Rainbow viral food trend?

The answer is ... maybe! After a user on Reddit posted a photo of what they called a "Unicorn Frappuccino," many on the internet are speculating that the food industry is about to really start pushing the whole unicorn thing, perhaps in a bid to appeal to a slightly younger, more malleable foodie crowd.

We're talking tweens and the like.

One Reddit user speculates that the drink likely features a white mocha cream-based Frappuccino, with the addition of mango and a new, bright pink powder that Starbucks employees allegedly have received also in the mix. Next, all ingredients are blended, poured into a cup, topped with mango, then topped with whipped cream, and finally finished off with a sprinkle of "blue unicorn dust."

By the way, I'm serious when I type that out. Another Redditor already took a photo (which has been removed, unfortunately) and that blue vial is actually labeled "Unicorn Dust" and purportedly tastes sour. 

If shipments are already coming in with all of this dust and all of this speculation, I'd say it's highly likely that the new Unicorn Frappuccino is probably all slated to debut at participating Starbucks locations sometime before June 2017. If you ask me, 4/20 would probably be a good time for it to launch.

However, according to this Instagram account, the Frappuccinos really are all set to launch between April 19-April 23, and judging from this bird's-eye view of the drinks, they are just as gorgeous and magical as they sound.

Forget tweens. This adult is definitely going to be first in line to get her hands on one of these blended drinks!