Is Tomato Sushi The New Big Trend For Vegans?

Did you ever think that tomato tasted somewhat like tuna? I have never made that connection, but it seems that in the right setting it must, because New York's Fresh & Co is debuting a vegan tomato sushi that resembles the real thing.

The Huffington Post reports that this food has actually been in the making for years now, and will make its debut to lucky Fresh & Co fans by Oct. 11. The “vegan tuna” will be available in sushi rolls, wraps, salads and bowls.

The tomatoes used are sliced Roma tomatoes, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, water and sesame oil, and the tomato is even said to have a natural umami flavor, making it perfect as a sushi substitute.

Tomato Sushi is a company all its own, and that’s who’s making all of this possible. The company specializes in making this new meat substitute a sustainable alternative to overfishing. The Tomato Sushi website reports that the food they make is safer because there aren’t any added chemicals, and also that everyone who tries it loves it. It seems social media users can confirm.

If you think about it, there are many meat eaters who can’t indulge in sushi when they’d like to. Think about pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with compromised immune systems. Now they can partake in the fishy goodness without the actual fish!

For those of us who are not in New York, we may have to wait a while to try this innovative new idea, but Tomato Sushi has confirmed that there is a likelihood the fad will spread. Let’s hope so!