It Was Raining Beer Cans On The Freeway, And A Dashcam Caught All Of It (Video)

A dashcam caught the moment when a semi-truck rolled over while on the overpass from Interstate 70 to I-25 in Denver, causing cans of Miller Genuine Draft to fall out of the damaged vehicle (video below).

On July 20, the beer truck fell on its side and gradually screeched to a halt during rush hour. Vehicles driving on the highway below were swerving in order to avoid being hit by the raining beer cans, which fell from the roof of the truck, as reported by KDVR.

"Imagine the insurance adjuster: Your car was hit by what??" wrote Leslie Oliver on the KDVR Facebook page.

According to the Denver Police Department, there were no injuries as a result of this accident, which makes the concept of raining beer cans even more amusing.

"Well hold on.. Is the beer still there?" wrote Jordan Howard. "I'm broke and thirsty."

"Chief Wiggum [from The Simpsons] was first one on the scene after he heard of beer falling from sky," wrote Josue Mendoza. “Lou and Eddie should be there soon with pretzels.”

"Really officer a beer truck turned over on the highway and dumped beer in my car, I haven't been drinking I swear," Danielle Franti said.

Traffic was backed up for several miles. Although Interstate 25 reopened, I-70 was closed until about 2:00 a.m. the following morning. A damage assessment of the bridge is underway, as well as an investigation into the cause of the accident.

"I saw this yesterday!" Sarah Spencer wrote. "Traffic was stopped and when I looked over and saw a bunch of crushed beer cans and thought ‘what the heck?! Did they pull over someone drunk and a bunch of cans spilled out of the car when they opened the door?'"

Iron Woman Construction, the company involved in the incident, was transporting the expired beer so it could be recycled, as reported by KUSA. According to police, the truck lost about 60,000 pounds of beer in the accident.

"This happened years ago in another city," Tom Kayser recalled. "The radio station announcer came on as we sat behind the overturned beer truck saying, ‘This Bud's NOT for you’ but people were all out there scrambling for free beer."