Bullet In Avocado (Photo)

It's Glockamole! Woman Says She Found Bullet In Avocado (Photo)

Most of us are pretty far-removed from our produce. We go to the grocery store and see perfectly bright, shiny and uniformly shaped, waxed items. If it's ugly or unusual, it gets thrown away, and we go pick out the ripest, smoothest ones from the bunch.

So when we find something unusual, it can be particularly jarring.

But one woman who said she found a bullet in an avocado purchased from Sprouts takes that to a whole new level.

Here's the photo, courtesy of the avocado buyer's friend:

Submitted on June 11, the popular post already has more than 1400 comments and 26,000 points, as of the evening of June 12.

But how exactly does a bullet get into the green fruit? People have presented all kinds of wild theories, from a kid trying to shoot a squirrel in Argentina to somebody deliberately placing the bullet in there as it grew.

"Well, even though they grow free range, they've still got to be put down in a humane manner," joked one person.

Another said that it was "just a flesh wound."

"Terrible," someone else wrote. "I always kill my avocados with electricity."

A few people suggested adding jalapeno and lime juice to make "glockamole" out of the creamy fruit that's now so popular it has an injury named in its honor.

"The prizes and products they come in sure have changed since I was a kid," somebody joked.

One Reddit user who said that they worked in a lab that analyzes "foreign objects found in food items" and that such findings are "an incredibly common occurrence." Yikes!

According to that person, who said that their lab runs tests to try and determine the origins of those foreign objects, "glass, plastic, and other things you'd expect to be around in food production facilities" are "fairly common" to find in stuff you were going to eat, which sounds a little worrisome to me!

Moral of the story: Be careful out there!

"Don't tell [the people at Sprouts], they'll try to charge you extra for it," suggested one Reddit user.