It's True, This Beer Tastes Like A Baseball Bat (Photos)

Are you too obsessed with baseball for your own good? Do you love drinking novelty beers that are brewed with strange and unusual flavors?

Hoo boy, have we got a treat for you.

Georgia-based brewery Terrapin Beer Co. has taken their love for the Atlanta Braves to a whole new level with the new Chopsecutioner IPA that has been aged not in regular barrels like you might expect but in Mizuno baseball bats, reports CBS Sports.

No, that's not a typo.

"We brew the Chopsecutioner and after the fermentation we transfer the beer onto the wood chips and then cool the beer down and age it," brewmaster Brian "Spike" Buckowski told CBS Sports. "There's some waste from bats from when they spin them down or carve them down and that’s the product that we use to age the beer. The wood chips from them making the bats and that's what we use."

It's important to emphasize at this point that the bat wood is clean, fresh and has not been used.

"You can actually age something on wood chips or spirals or honeycombs," Buckowski explained. "You can also age beer in bourbon barrels, wine barrels and extract beers like that."

Though IPAs are usually fresh, strong beers, Buckowski went a different route, not only with the ageing process but also by lowering the alcohol percentage from the 7.3 percent ABV of his signature IPA to a lighter 5.0 percent ABV -- much nicer when you're sitting in the sun, notes Vice Munchies.

If Chopsecutioner sounds like a beer that was made for you, you can pick it up on tap at Terrapin's Brew Lab at SunTrust Park, Atlanta.

Seem a little too weird for you? Take solace in the absurdly fantastic fact that this is not the first baseball bat-flavored brew. No, friends! Indeed, Fremont Brewing, one of the Seattle area's finest beer makers, teamed up with Center of the Universe Brewing Co. in 2011 and soaked whole Louisville Slugger bats for three weeks in barrels of their IPA, which the creators said added a hint of a woody flavor, if anything.