Jack In The Box Is Going After McDonald's By Offering Brunch All Day (Video)

Well, after weeks of speculation that Jack in the Box was working on something to blow McDonald’s socks off, it's officially been announced that Jack in the Box will be offering brunch all day, all week long (video below).

Jack in the Box, according to Business Wire, sold the fast food industry’s first breakfast sandwich in 1969. Since then, McDonald’s has risen up and pretty much owned them in the breakfast category. Now, after a year of planning, Jack in the Box is releasing their Brunchfast menu in an effort to strike back.

This is happening just after McDonald’s has expanded their all-day breakfast menu to include biscuit sandwiches, McGriddles and Egg McMuffins in all markets. The Orange County Register reports that Jack in the Box, which has offered all-day breakfast for 25 years already, feels like McDonald’s is moving in on them.

“It’s no secret breakfast news is all around. Everyone is in our space,” said Iwona Alter, Jack in the Box’s vice president of product marketing and innovation. “It’s the continuous pushing of the envelope.”

The new all-day Brunchfast (I love that name) menu, which is being tested in Southern California, will include menu items such as the fried chicken sandwich, featuring a fried egg, bacon and cheese on an English muffin; cranberry-orange muffins; a scrambler plate with bacon and homestyle potatoes; mini-pancakes; and a blood orange fruit cooler.

So far, the test market has appreciated the fried chicken sandwich the most. It has become one of the top-sellers from the menu.

“Brunch enthusiasts no longer have to wait until the weekend to satisfy their brunch cravings,” said Alter, according to Business Wire. “With Brunchfast, we’re giving our guests 24-7 access to the distinct, craveable flavors of brunch whenever they want it and wherever the hunger strikes.”

Check out the new Jack in the Box commercial below to learn more about their new brunch options, which are mix-and-matchable so that you can put together just the meal you want.