Chip Shortage (Photos)||Chip Shortage (Photos)

Japan Has Been Hit With A Major Chip Shortage (Photos)

This must be a testament to just how much I love potato chips, because I audibly gasped in horror upon reading this news.

Everybody has their vice, and for many, potato chips top the list of junk food snacks that are too hard to cut completely out of our diets. And it makes sense! They're salty, crispy, savory and highly addictive … and unfortunately for Japan, in short supply (photos below)!

That's right. Munchies reports that a massive chip shortage has swept Japan, due to the climate in Hokkaido's northern location, where large quantities of root vegetables such as potatoes, onions and beets are produced. But because so many typhoons ravaged the area in Hokkaido in August 2016, major chip manufacturers were forced to halt production on 49 different chip products that otherwise would have graced Japanese shelves.

Calbee and Koike-Ya are two among many major chip manufacturers that had to take the hit.

"Many of the imported potatoes did not reach the required level of quality, and we could not cover our full production range," a Calbee rep told The Manichi, per Munchies, and said that once levels of potato chip production could return to normal, then the company would begin to resume sales of chip flavors that will temporarily have to be discontinued.

Do you want to know what's sadder than just hearing about the chip shortage?

All of the photographic evidence hitting social media! Doesn't this barren snack aisle just hurt your heart?

And what about the photo of this lonely snack-size chip bag, the last of its kind to survive for a long while?

Say it isn't so!

Are your hearts going out to Japan and their impending chip shortage? Or are you content to pretend you didn't witness any of this disparaging news?