Joey Chestnut Eats 70 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes, Breaks World Record, Confounds Us All

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut set a world record on the Fourth of July when he scarfed down 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, according to the Associated Press.

To clarify, an actual 32-year-old human managed to consume 7 hot dogs per minute -- the most ever devoured at the competition.

That's not even the most he's eaten; Chestnut set another record in June when he ate 73 1/2 hot dogs during a qualifying event.

The competitor arrived at the 2016 contest with a vengeance, as his eight-year winning streak was broken in 2015 when Matt Stonie beat him for the championship title.

Chestnut said the upset "woke up the sleeping giant" -- inside of his high-capacity stomach, we guess -- and stole back his thunder by ingesting a full 17 more hot dogs than Stonie. 

Chestnut claimed his revamped training regimen, which includes eating sprints and running-and-weightlifting workouts, helped him reclaim the coveted Mustard Belt, CNN reports.

They don't call him "Jaws" for nothing.

The third-place prize winner inhaled a measly 41 hot dogs.