Join this Club and Get Unlimited Coffee at Panera

Join this Club and Get Unlimited Coffee at Panera

Getting a cup of coffee at a time doesn’t seem too expensive, right? Try adding the costs of each cup of coffee; you have over a week or a month or even a year. You’ll be surprised by the resultant total when you realize how much you actually spend on coffee.

But before you get heartbroken, check out Panera’s solution to this problem because it is quite genius. Panera has launched an unlimited coffee subscription service. Yes, you read it right!

So what’s the deal? Well, you have to pay $8.99 per month(plus tax), and in return, you will get unlimited access to coffee at nationwide locations of Panera. So anytime you feel like going to Panera either to have your breakfast or lunch or even dinner, you can do so and you will have to pay that flat fee.

Does it include only drip coffee? Nope, you can also have hot tea or the iced stuff. However, the specialty drinks, including lattes and mochas, don’t apply.

In a press release, Panera underscored that it has removed the up-charge for having plant-based milk at its restaurants. You can now get Almond milk at the coffee station without having to pay extra for it.

If you are a Panera loyalist and drink its coffee regularly, then you can be sure of saving a good amount of cash because a 16-ounce cup of regular coffee at the chain would cost you around $2.39 plus tax.

Sounds like the perfect addition to your dizzy caffeinated dreams? Well, to make it a reality first of all, you need to join the company’s rewards program, MyPanera. Once done with that, sign up for your coffee subscription, and that’s it you are ready to go.