JoJo Siwa Has Her Own Ice Cream Flavor and It Has Us All Dancing

JoJo Siwa Has Her Own Ice Cream Flavor and It Has Us All Dancing

You’ll feel like you’re the kid in a candy store after just one bite of Jojo’s Sweet Celebrations ice cream! This product just recently hit the shelves and fans all over the country are going to be going wild for this stand-out new ice cream flavor. JoJo is known for her bright colors, pop dance moves, and her insatiable sugar tooth.

She is from Nebraska, and initally became famous during her time on two seasons of Dance Moms. She now has her own Youtube channels where she posts daily videos about her day-to-day life, stars on Nickelodeon, and she has released a couple of pop music songs for kids like “Kid in a Candy Store” and “Boomerang”.

She’s also known for her giant, brightly colored hair bows and has started quite a trend with young girls. The packaging may be a bit misleading, showing JoJo sporting a large, rainbow colored and sparkly hair bow, that is unfortunately not included.

How cool would that be?! It’s like her personality exploded into this sugar cookie flavored ice cream, mixed with blue and purple frosting and packed with rainbow candy pieces. People were skeptical on Instagram, wondering if this bright pink packaged, eye-catching, flavor explosion was really a real thing. It’s real, folks! You better be sugar-rushing your way back to the grocery store to stock up on this tasty treat before it’s gone! It’s only currently being sold at Walmart for the time being, and they aren’t selling it online just yet.

Image source: Yahoo