KFC Is Making Chocolate

KFC Is Making Chocolate, Would You Try It? (Photo)

Kentucky Fried Chicken is proving to the world that it will not be confined to only fried chicken. It can do so much more! The newest venture, it seems, is chocolate.

According to the New Zealand Herald, KFC has partnered with the experts at Kako Chocolate to create a chocolate/chicken masterpiece. Sounds kind of gross. The two flavors consist of a milk chocolate truffle with nuts and a dark chocolate truffle.

The first is topped with 23 karat gold leaf (what's with this gold leaf fad?) and seasoned with the famous 11 secret spices; the second is infused with hot and spicy marinade. I guess they may not be so gross, after all? Just a little off the wall. It could maybe be compared to a truffle version of mole, I think. Mole is pretty good …

These chocolates are being branded as a Mother's Day special, and the idea is that they're "perfect for mum to savor while you finish your bucket." You can get them in a four-piece pack, but you should probably let Mom have all four since it's her day.

The marketing director for KFC New Zealand says they're excited to be offering a way for their fans to share something they love with their mother on Mother's Day. I guess that something shouldn't only be fried chicken and mashed taters.

A word to the wise, though: Don't let these be your only gift to Mom (just in case she doesn't appreciate their weirdness). You never know if she was actually hoping for a necklace or something.

These chocolates are only available in New Zealand, and KFC is giving away 15 free boxes on the KFC New Zealand's Facebook page. Check it out if you're in New Zealand, otherwise just revel in the fact that it exists.

If you're celebrating Mother's Day in the U.S., maybe just get Mom a $20 Fill Up box and that romance novel the Colonel stars in. Maybe she'll appreciate a story about a mysterious sailor with her bucket of fried chicken. Just make sure you get the jewelry, too.