KFC Is Serving Up Gravy-Filled Mashed Potato Balls (Photo)

If deep-fried mashed potato balls with an oozing KFC gravy center sounds like something out of a KFC fever dream, then you're absolutely right; only this is real life and such gumption exists in the hands of Colonel Sanders.

Introducing KFC's "Gravy Mashies" (pictured below) -- these bite-size morsels of KFC's creamy mashed potatoes are deep-fried to gluttonous oblivion, but first stuffed with a dollop of KFC's signature gravy in the center. I know, it's amazing, right?

It may appear that the Colonel is making big leaps in the fried-food world with Gravy Mashies, but this is not KFC's first go-around. Gravy Mashies was a limited-time-only item on Australia's KFC menu about eight years ago, according to Food and Wine. Mashies fanatics (or what I like to call Mashies Maniacs) rallied for its comeback, going as far as to create a Facebook group dedicated to its return.

But in 2015, in a weird twist of events, KFC released Gravy Mashies once again, but exclusively to residents of Tasmania. The restaurant sold more than 130,000 orders of Gravy Mashies in less than two weeks. But what about the diehard fans?

Leaving mashless Australians in its wake, KFC Australia is finally giving the citizens of Australia what they want. "Our fans have spoken, and we had to listen," KFC Marketing Director Angela Richard said to The Western Australian.

Richard said thousands of fans commented on KFC's social media post, asking when Mashies would return. An eight-year struggle seems to have paid off, as Gravy Mashies are back on Australia's KFC menus -- although only for a limited time. Brand Eating reports a "cheeky" fine print: "This offer is not everywhere and not forever."

For now, the discourse on Gravy Mashies Facebook is about its taste -- one YouTuber gave Mashies a 7.2 out of 10, pointing out a "missed opportunity" in a spiceless, herbless crust, contrary to Colonel Sander's signature recipe. But, an eight-year hiatus is long enough to elevate expectations from finger-lickin' good, to finger-lickin' excellent.