KFC Makes Scratch-And-Sniff Cards For Valentine's Day (Photos)

KFC is a big player among fast-food companies that regularly execute absurd promotional stunts for the sake of marketing gimmickry and a good laugh. Of the company's comprehensive playbook, we've seen a finger-lickin'-good sunscreen (to protect your epidermis from looking like crispy chicken thighs), a "chicken couture" fashion line that included mustard yellow sweaters, bright fried-chicken socks, chicken sandwich jewelry, and a creepy, Bioshock-esque VR game teaching Colonel Sanders' famous chicken recipe to would-be chicken fryers.

The marketing masterminds at KFC's corporate headquarters are a team of wildcards.

So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, the fried-chicken chain pulled more tricks out of the hat by joining tender love with tender chicken. From February 12 through 14, KFC will be giving away free scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's Day cards with any purchase of a $10 Chicken Share.

These odorous chicken-grams, marketed as a kind of a greasy aphrodisiac, are scented with the "heavenly aroma of the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices," according to a press release, a clever ploy to lure last-minute planners to go straight for the fried-chicken bucket. Couples can share their love of fried chicken together in an all-in-one excursion; no reservations needed.

This marketing schtick will ostensibly work on couples who want little to do with Valentine's Day pageantry minus the cheesy sentimental cards. Each heavily scented Valentine's Day card features a Colonel Sanders one-liner that any KFC-lover will appreciate.

"You have the secret recipe to my heart," reads one sappy love line along with "I'd be with you all the time if only I could. You make me feel so finger-lickin' good."

The best Valentine's Day gifts are the quirkiest and this one comes out on top. Romantic? Far from it. However, Colonel Sanders makes an excellent point about convenience and gives us a perfect reason to embrace the brand's finger-lickin'-good chicken on this obligatory holiday.

Set the mood, light a candle, spread out some Chicken Pattern Pillows, and fill the air with bouillon cubes and freshly fried chicken.