KFC Releases Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish (Video)

How many times have you looked at your nail polish and wished it tasted like chicken? (video below)


Us neither.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), KFC Hong Kong is now making edible nail polishes that taste like chicken. The company worked with McCormick spices to develop two special flavors modeled after the restaurant’s fried specialties—Hot & Spicy and Original Recipe.

While the nail polishes are not yet being sold to the public, the company has assured customers that the products are completely edible. Not only that, but they can be applied like regular nail polish and come in two on-trend colors. Unsurprisingly, Hot & Spicy is a fiery orange, perfect for summer, while Original Recipe is an elegant nude.

Check out the shades above, and be sure to watch the video for more information on KFC’s vision for the polishes themselves.

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