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Know Any Wine Lovers? Buy Them A Box Of Wine Condoms (Video)

Picture this. You've invited your potential significant other over for dinner. It's your third date, so you really upped the wow factor on this one. The lights are dim, and smooth jazz croons in the background as you finish your final bites of steak and potatoes. The wine is almost empty, but there's enough left that you'd like to save it for later.

Your date flashes those dreamy eyes, and you know that even though your meal is over, your night is young. You reach into your pocket, withdraw a shiny square packet and remove from it a familiar rubber object.

Your date gives you a funny look because that was pretty dang bold of you. Seconds later, the expression of surprise morphs into confusion as you place the condom not anywhere on a human body, but over the wine bottle.

This hilarious chain of events could be your reality, so long as you purchase a set of Wine Condoms, the latest and greatest means of protection to grace the food market (video below).

In case you are alarmed, the purpose of said condoms is nothing freaky. In fact, the invention was created to keep leftover wine fresh -- like bottle stoppers. 

While corks can sometimes be difficult to plunge back into an opened bottle, wine condoms slide seamlessly over the top. And since the condoms add no extra height to the top of the bottle, they also prevent the "Pain-In-The-Ass-Leans-To-The-Side-Which-Never-Quite-Fits-In-The-Refrigerator-Syndrome," the website boasts.

The condoms were created by mother and son duo Laura Bartlett and Mitch Strahan. Their creations are made of "tuxedo black" rubber, wrapped in "sexy" gold foil and come in packages of six. They can be stowed at home or on the go, and they're reusable. 

To give a friend, relative or potential significant other a hilarious gift, you can order a box on Amazon, where they will be available exclusively for the holidays. They're sold out right now, but Strahan wrote on the site that they are working to manufacture more condoms and will have orders ready by Dec. 25.