Krispy Kreme-Flavored Soda Is Now A Thing

Just when you thought that fast food companies could not think of any more ridiculous, horrifying junk food mash-ups, Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine Soda are changing the name of the game once again.

Thanks to the two Southern dynasties, you can now buy (and drink) doughnut-flavored soda. According to The Charlotte Observer, the sugary new drink is called “Cheerwine Kreme,” and will available for a limited time in select Southern Krispy Kreme shops and grocery stores.

If you are unfamiliar with Cheerwine, you probably don’t come from the South. The drink is a cult favorite Southern soda, characterized by a sharp cherry flavor.

Unsurprisingly, tasters have described Cheerwine Kreme as a variant of cherry creme soda. While the results were mixed, one reviewer even stated that the drink was “not terrible in the way [she] thought it would be.”

Considering the fact that the taster was describing doughnut-flavored soda, however, we think that qualifies as a rave review!

If you have an adventurous stomach and a sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme will be offering free samples of Cheerwine Kreme on July 23. Otherwise, Krispy Kreme shops in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, as well as Food Lion and Harris Teeter grocery stores, will be selling the soda for a limited time.

While most people would cringe at the very thought of washing down a sugary-sweet doughnut with an even-sweeter soda, we must admit that the sheer novelty of the product makes us want to try it for ourselves. Just make sure that you have a dentist on call for any spontaneous cavities that might erupt from ingesting something as unbelievably sugary as doughnut-flavored soda!