Krispy Kreme Is Introducing A Bunch Of New Doughnuts And We Want To Eat Them All

You might want to sit down for this.

Krispy Kreme just introduced three new, international-themed doughnuts, and every single one of them sounds jaw-droppingly delicious. The doughnuts will be available for a limited time at North American Krispy Kreme locations, so we suggest that you start your car engine and drive to your nearest store immediately.

The first new drool-inducing doughnut is named the Churro. This masterpiece of fried-dough perfection is practically made for dipping in a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and consists of a special cinnamon sugar-rolled cake doughnut.

If you weren’t already excited enough, the second new international-themed doughnut is Tiramisu. This Italian-inspired beauty is created from a yeast doughnut, which is then filled with Tiramisu Kreme, topped with dark chocolate Tiramisu frosting, drizzled with dark chocolate, and finally topped with chocolate cake crumbs and a chocolate coffee bean.

We are beginning to suspect that Krispy Kreme is more of a dream-making, wish-granting, sorcery company than a doughnut purveyor.

The third, and final limited-edition doughnut is aptly named Crème Brulee. While it’s difficult to pick a favorite, we think that this vanillia bean custard-filled, dark caramel and crème brulee flake-topped yeast doughnut just might take the cake (or doughnut).

If you thought that the news couldn’t get any better, however, we have one more surprise. According to Brand Eating, Krispy Kreme is also introducing an international-themed drink to accompany its new doughnuts: the Frozen Dulce de Leche.

As you might have guessed, the Frozen Dulce de Leche sounds just as delicious as its name suggests. The magical new drink consists of a tantalizing combination of vanilla and Ghiradelli caramel, blended with ice and practically screaming to be enjoyed on a hot summer day.

All four of the new products will be available through August 28, so the clock is already ticking. Personally, we couldn’t be more excited (or hungry) to try out all of the amazing international-themed offerings!