LaCroix Has A Brand New Flavor: Key Lime!

Once upon a time, LaCroix was the lonely girl that nobody bought at the supermarket. Shoppers passed her by, taking home Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water by the caseful to graduation parties and cool event openings. She sat alone, at the very bottom corner of soda aisles, next to off-brand flavored seltzers, three shelves below Big Poland Spring and Canada Dry.

But that was a thing of the past and LaCroix has since garnered popularity as a cult-favorite seltzer water brand; once-niche "no-name," now promoted to top-shelf, "100% Natural, Calorie-Free, Sugar-Free, Sodium-Free, No Artificial Sweetener" water-alternative. The Wisconsin-founded brand had a terrific year by the numbers and in celebration, sweet, sweet LaCroix is baking us a humble pie … of the key-lime variety.

National Beverage Corp, the Florida-based owners of LaCroix, recently announced the company's successful 2018 fiscal year -- which is sort of like a "Look at me now!" comeuppance directed at once LaCroix skeptics. Nick A. Caporella, the chairman and CEO, revealed to BusinessWire, "While momentum signals its presence in a myriad of ways, the one that most excites us is the scent of 'toasted meringue' in our ready-to-launch La Croix Key Lime sparkling water."

Lucky shareholders got a taste of LaCroix's newest key lime endeavor, sparking envy and likely a sharp influx of investors to horde their own case of this fizzy water before anyone else. If you feel so inclined, and if your financial portfolio allows it, the LaCroix stock symbol is befittingly, FIZZ.

The number of bad LaCroix flavors are few and far between, but like any rags to riches story, there's unfortunate lessons to be learned along the way. Flashbacks to Coconut LaCroix, which Thrillist likened to "a tanning bed," and Lemon, "the beverage equivalent to Gilbert Gottfried: abrasive, disappointing, and a little bit salty" mark major milestones to LaCroix's slow rise in popularity.

But at the top of the proverbial pyramid, twinkling like a Christmas angel topper, is successful, first-to-go Lime LaCroix. It all makes sense to dress up the most popular flavor, spin her around and take her to a gala or something, where she will be gratefully taken off displays and top shelves, shuffling off from one party to the next.

Soon to come, Key Lime LaCroix, the belle of the ball.