Lady Gaga's Cake Isn't Good Enough For Gordon Ramsay (Photo)

Gordon Ramsay, the brutally honest critic of culinary dishes, took to Twitter to lay his brand of savagery, which is to say, he laid it on thick. The victim? Pop star Lady Gaga (and possibly Gordon Ramsay himself …)

In August 2016, Lady Gaga posted this photo on her Instagram (below) commemorating celebrity sisters Samantha and Charlotte Ronson with a "leaning tower of funfetti," which Gaga called "Cake 911"; she tried to save the collapsing cake with her icing skills (she did not bake it herself). The birthday cake, lavishly decorated with pink and white frosting and sprinkles, looked structurally unsound, but passably festive.

Happy Birthday to my Ronson girls!!!! ????????@samantharonson @cjronson #HappyBirthday

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Flash forward to Oct. 12 of this year, where a Twitter user tweeted Gaga's salvaged creation from the past year to Ramsay. "I made a cake for my sister's birthday, what do you think?" the tweet said. Ramsay's savage response shook Gaga fans, "How to make your sister cry on her birthday! Bake her a mess!!!!!" Ramsay quickly ate his words.

The "Hell's Kitchen" host is an active Twitter user and regular giver of brutal critiques, however not known for insulting celebrity-related dishes, according to Foodbeast. The internet quickly found out the Twitter user set Ramsay up to target Gaga, and many Twitter users were just as quick to convey this to Ramsay.

"Chef, Ramsay, Lady Gaga baked that cake," one user tweeted at Ramsay with the original photo of Gaga and the Ronson sisters. Others trickled in with barely contained reaction memes. Another fan wrote, "Now we know why she sings and doesn't own a bake shop."

According to Refinery29, the Twitter user who set Ramsay up is the admin on Lady Gaga's official fan app, Little Monsters, and said he was surprised the tweet was received by Ramsay, adding in a second tweet later, "that makes it so much funnier."

Neither Gaga nor Ramsay have addressed the brutal critique directed at her cake-making skills, which we hope means both parties came to an unseen agreement that they've been players in an elaborate prank (and perhaps a proper birthday cake recipe was passed during this side exchange).