Land O'Lakes drops their Native American logo from all butter products

Land O'Lakes drops their Native American logo from all butter products

The image had been on its packaging goes back to 1928.

Remember the logo of Land O' Lakes? Yep, the one that had the image of a Native American Woman in the center! Well, that woman has vanished from the logo. This news is surely surprising more so because the logo was a part of the packaging for 92 years.

Land O' Lakes logo change

Want the backstory of the change? Well, to honor its upcoming 100th-anniversary, Land O' Lakes had quietly announced in February that the packaging on its products was about to change. This news was reported by Modern Farmer.

While the post didn't talk specifically about the image's removal, it did mention the other changes. These changes were related to the packaging, which is a step taken to honor the farmers. So what did the statement exactly say?

Well, according to the statement, "The new packaging will show up in a variety of ways, including through a new front-of-package design that features the phrase 'Farmer-Owned' above the LAND O' LAKES brandmark, 'Since 1921' below it and a vibrant illustration of land and lakes." 

Now, if you didn't know, the origins of the logo go back to 1928. And it also included the so-called "butter maiden". It was redesigned by a Red Lake Ojibwe tribe member, Patrick DesJarlait, in the 1950s. In this logo, one could see a Native American woman kneeling in the grass while holding up a stick of Land O' Lakes butter.

However, in recent years, there had been changes in the packaging as now, depending on the product, it only included a headshot of her. Image source: Land O'Lakes