Learn How To Skin A Watermelon With This Amazing Hack (Video)

Watermelon is the king (or queen) of all summer fruit. It is delicious, refreshing, and incontrovertibly associated with warm weather and good times.

In fact, watermelon is so delicious that it makes anyone who possesses it into the life of the party. During the summer months, we make a point of never showing up at a gathering or party without one of the juicy red fruits—we can’t even imagine a better hostess gift or potluck contribution.

If you’re not a watermelon fanatic already, however, prepare to become one with this amazing—and amusing—hack (video below).

Considering our unwavering love of watermelons, we spend a lot of time on the Internet searching for recipes and tricks for eating our favorite fruit. It was on one of our most recent searches that we found this incredible clip, demonstrating how to skin a watermelon.

Before you become too awestruck, you should know that the video doesn’t actually show how to skin a watermelon. What it does show, however, is a mind-boggling, aesthetically pleasing trick to make people think that you know how to skin a watermelon!

Watch the video below, and then prepare to be the most popular person at your next party. We promise that the time and effort will be well worth the looks on your friends’ faces!