Let's Hope These Reese's Bats Are As Cute As They Look (Photo)

Y'all, it's officially time to get psyched for Halloween.

It might still be summer, but all the seasonal fall and Halloween candy is rolling out, which means it's officially time to change gears in the most delicious way possible.

From pumpkin pie Kit Kats to Cookies & Screeem M&M's, there sure is a lot to be excited about!

Now, Reese's is joining the party by offering brand-new Halloween-themed peanut butter and chocolate treats that are allegedly in the shape of bats.

They are super adorable! Take a look:

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You can find these spooky treats exclusively at Target for $3.59 a bag, according to Delish.

And it looks like I'm not the only one inordinately excited about these.

"I must have!!" wrote on Instagram user.

"AND I LOVE BATS AND REESE AND TARGET THIS IS BLESSED," said another super-amped individual.

Of course, a few critics couldn't pass up the opportunity to positively roast Reese's for their seasonal winter holiday-themed "trees" that tend to resemble the poo emoji far more than a spruce or a pine, as Ad Week notes tons of people noticed in December 2015.

"Slim to none lmao they'll be 'Halloween blobs'," one Instagram user joked.

"If the trees, pumpkins and eggs are anything to go by What are the chances of them looking like bats," said another.

But you know what? There's a perfectly valid reason for you to enjoy these, even if they look nothing like cartoon animals.

"Why do the shapes always taste so much better," said one totally justified Instagram user.

According to one person on the Instagram thread, the holiday-themed Reese's "are made with a slightly different recipe and in a different facility than regular peanut butter cups," meaning that if the bat-shaped blobs taste different to you than the cups, there is an actual reason.