Lucky Charms Ice Cream Is Just Magical

Lucky Charms Ice Cream Is Just Magical

It's finally here! After waiting for months the most perfect ice cream has finally hit shelves! People have been spotting Lucky Charms Ice Cream in stores and the reviews are AWESOME!

Nestle confirmed that the ice cream will have a creamy vanilla dairy base that's swirled with the signature cereal and scattered with their famous marshmallow charms.

Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack_ spotted this, along with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ice Cream in stores and, of course, gave it a try. @i_need_a_snack_ said that the Lucky Charms Ice Cream tastes just like the classic cereal with a delicious upgrade thanks to the vanilla ice cream.

"The taste was SPOT ON, I swear they just froze the milk you have once you’re finished with a bowl of Lucky Charms! The creamy and sweet vanilla Ice Cream pairs so well with the cereal taste that’s added in and the best part about it: MARSHMALLOWS!" they wrote.

If you want to get your hands on a pint, @i_need_a_snack_ spotted this at Quicktrip, but it's expected to roll out nationally as time passes.

Image Source: Lucky Charms/Instagram